mattress protector is essentially an extra piece of bedding that goes over or completely encases, a mattress so as to protect it from dirt, dust, and bed bugs. A few mattress protectors even offer added protection from irritants and allergens like bed bugs, dust mites, mold, and even dead skin cells. A protector can be a very helpful product for people who are prone to allergies, have asthma, suffer from any number of respiratory conditions, or have dry skin. Protectors are very useful for people who often sleep on the same bed as pets. Bed bugs and dust mite can both make sleeping uncomfortable and can be a cause of skin irritation if not eliminated.

Mattress protector

The mattress protector will sit between your box spring and your mattress and will provide an additional layer of protection as well as extra soft cushioning. Mattress protectors come in several forms including water-resistant options that can stand up to pool water or a leaky washing machine. You can also purchase the type that completely covers the mattress. Waterproof versions typically have a protective layer on all four sides while the other three layers are made of a breathable material that wicks away moisture. In addition, some models are completely waterproof and have an interior pocket that allows the sheet to slip inside. All-purpose waterproof mattress coverings are available in several sizes to fit most standard sizes of mattresses and come in various colors and patterns.

One benefit of having a mattress protector is that you can expect up to a 20% reduction in your energy costs over the long run. If you live in a cold climate where heat is expensive, then this is certainly something that will pay for itself over time. You can expect your electric bill to go down as well, since it uses a lot less natural electricity. In fact, in the long run, this can be the single greatest money saver you can make, since you won’t have to buy a new heating unit during the winter and then pay for one again in the spring and summer months.

Another benefit of having a mattress protector, if you’re in the United States, is that you can enjoy protection against dust, unlike the ordinary cotton bed sheets that you own. Most sheets are made with a flannel-type material that’s great at trapping dust but can let a lot of the dirt and dust bounce off onto your sheets when you sleep on them. This can lead to allergies, sneezing and other respiratory issues.

Bed linens such as sheets and pillow cases are very common sources of allergens. They can capture allergens in their fabrics as well as dust particles. When you lie down on these items, you can breathe in quite a bit of dust particles and dander. Having a protection from these allergens in place can greatly reduce your exposure to them on a nightly basis. Therefore, it can help to keep them free of spills as well.

A good Mattress protector will have a good dual purpose: it will either absorb moisture away from the sheets you lay on, or it will have a breathable barrier that keeps the moisture out while also providing some protection from spills. Many products today are made with various different materials ranging from synthetic fibers like cotton to more natural materials like flannel. All work well to protect your expensive mattresses. If you’re looking for a good all around protective layer, then you might want to look at a product called a premium vinyl cover. It’s made of high quality material and is a great alternative to the more traditional foam mattress protector and breathable sheet options that you can find.

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